Equipment Rental:

Rates Effective September 1, 2012
Members receive 50% off all equipment rental and editing rates!!!
* Ask us about discounts for weekly rentals!

Super 8 Camera: $40/day ($20 members)
Super 8 Projector: $40/day ($20 members)
Super 8 Editing Kit: $20/day ($10 members)

8mm Camera: $20/day ($10 members)
8 mm Projector: $40/day ($20 members)

16 mm Camera: $60/day ($30 members)
16 mm Editing Kit: $40/day ($20 members)
Light Meter: $30/day ($15 members)

HD DSLR Cameras: $50/day ($25 members)
Model: Canon Rebel T21, 28–135 or 18–55 Canon lens
Compact HD Cameras: $40/day ($20 members)
GoPro Hero HD w/ 3D Link, Housing, and Head Mount
Canon Vixia HF S200
Camcorders/Toy Cameras: $30/day ($15 members)
PXL 2000
Mattel Vidster
VHS Camcorders
Sony EVO-9100 Hi8
Sony Digital Handycam Digital8
DV Cameras: $20/day ($10 members)
Canon Vixia 1080i HDV w/ Wide Angle Lens Converter
Canon Vixia HV40 HDV
Panasonic PV-GS500 DV
Canon Elura 85
Sony DCR-SR100 HDD
Panasonic DVX100A

Flip Camera: $10/day ($5 members)
Slide Projector: $30/day ($15 members)
Digital Audio Recorder: $50/day ($25 members)
Shotgun Microphone: $40/day ($20 members)
Table-Top Microphone: $20/day ($10 members)
Fluid-head Tripod: $30/day ($15 members)
Boom Pole: $30/day ($15 members)

Figrig: $30/day ($15 members)
Consumer Tripod: $20/day ($10 members)
3-Piece Light Kit: $60/day ($30 members)
2-Piece Light Kit: $40/day ($20 members)
Dolly: $30/day ($15 members)
Video Projector: $80/day ($40 members)
Portable PA: $80/day ($40 members)


Digital Editing:

We have eight Macbook Pro laptop computers fully equipped with iLife and Final Cut Pro Production Suite available for editing on an hourly basis. Sign up in advance at EPFC or just drop in; our editing facilities are open during regular EPFC store hours, except during film classes. Due to limited space, we can’t store your project… Please bring your own hard drive!!!


$10/hour (1 hour minimum)
Members: $5/hour

Lending Library:

The EPFC Lending Library contains over a thousand experimental, avante-garde, documentary, animated and foreign films on DVD, VHS, 16mm and Super 8. We also have an extensive collection of film resource books.


$2 per item per week. Free membership!

Super 8 Telecine:

Telecine is the process of transferring film footage to a digital medium. This is great if you want to preserve your films against the ravages of time, have greater flexibility for exhibition or a chance to re-edit using computer programs like iMovie or Final Cut. EPFC is dedicated to keeping the magic of Super 8 alive in the digital age by offering an affordable, quality telecine service. Our film chain process uses ELMO factory ETC telecine machines with Sony multiplexors. We capture to 3 chip cameras and transfer to Mini-DV tape for archival purposes. DVD and VHS transfer services are available upon request at an additional charge. Unfortunately for all you out-of-towners, we only accept in-person film drop-offs for our telecine service. There is nothing magical about the transfer of film to video, but there are a lot of poor quality services out there. Research your local resources and if you've got questions, feel free to drop us a line!


Super 8 $.15/foot (no minimum)
Mini-DV TAPE $9.00

Copies $5.00 EACH
400 foot reel and case $6.00
Splices $1 each
MAG SOUND transferred $.05/FOOT
ADD music $5.00/CUE

Our turn-around time is two-weeks from the drop-off date. We will notify you when your order is ready for pickup; payment in full is due upon delivery. For more information, contact: super8stuff@netzero.com