EPFC Mission & History:



Mission Statement:

Echo Park Film Center is a non-profit media arts organization committed to providing equal and affordable community access to film/video resources via five channels: a neighborhood microcinema space, free and nominal cost education programs, a comprehensive film equipment and service retail department, a green-energy mobile cinema & film school, and a touring film festival showcasing local established and emerging filmmakers. We feel it is imperative that more members of marginalized and underserved communities become active, empowered participants in the creation and dissemination of experimental, documentary and narrative film in order to truly reflect the many voices and visions that make up the fabric of contemporary American life. With a special focus on “at risk” neighborhood youth, the Echo Park Film Center programs and services are positive catalysts for opportunities and interactions though the medium of film.

Description of Organization:

Since moving into the Alvarado Arts building at the busy intersection of Sunset and Alvarado on January 1, 2002, we have:

  • screened over 900 independent documentary, narrative and experimental films from all over the world in our on-site microcinema and video art gallery
  • hosted a wide array of political, literary, cultural and arts events, providing a forum for discussion on issues of importance to our community
  • offered 22 free filmmaking classes for more than 400 neighborhood youth, 24 free classes for neighborhood seniors and 60 low-cost workshops for adults
  • produced more than 250 individual and collaborative short films by EPFC students, many of which have been featured in local, national and international film festivals, alternative media programs and museums
  • developed the EPFC Filmmobile, an eco-friendly school bus equipped to bring films and film education to underserved communities
  • formed EPFC Films to distribute works by student and independent filmmakers
    instigated a guest lecture/workshop series focusing on the technical aspects of independent filmmaking and exhibition
  • created, curated and hosted annual Youth Film and Human Rights Film Festivals
    become a valued information and technical resource for established and beginning filmmakers and one of the premier sources of small format equipment supply and services in North America
  • supported an array of local community groups via free and low-cost audio/visual technical support for fundraisers, presentations and celebrations
  • acted as advisors and consultants for budding community film programs
    curated and facilitated a series of touring festivals showcasing the work of local and student filmmakers
  • received recognition and praise from community leaders, arts groups, filmmakers, film educators and media outlets around the world
  • implemented a wide array of grassroots fundraising strategies in order to improve and expand our programs and services

We are proud to have met and surpassed our goals for our first six years of operation and look forward to serving our community for many years to come.