Three by Saul Levine / New Works Salon XXXII: Special Super 8 Edition

A very special edition of the New Works Salon, with Saul Levine in person to present two recent films along with a classic Super 8 sound film, along with works by younger artists, all shown on Super 8 mm (or 16mm blow-ups). For over thirty years, Boston filmmaker Saul Levine has been creating a body of work on Super 8 and 8mm film utilizing imagery drawn from his everyday life, edited together in an often musical manner, combining the accidental and the improvisational. For this program, he will present his Super 8 sound film Notes After Long Silence (1984-89), along with two more recent works: Falling Notes Unleaving (2013) and Light Licks: Pardes: Wild Blue Yonder (2015).

The program will also include brand new Super 8 films by young artists, many presenting their works in person. We’ll have Karen Johannesen’s film Chromatic, Chloe Reyes’ Untitled Pink Film, Rick Bahto’s Suicide Notes (in part an homage to Saul Levine’s Notes films), Eve LaFountain’s We Are the Explorers, plus films by Zach Iannazzi, Marilyn Hernandez, and Marquita Flowers. Special thanks to Los Angeles Filmforum and REDCAT. Saul Levine will be showing work with Los Angeles Filmforum on Sunday April 17, and at REDCAT on Monday, April 18.

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