Sunday, October 29 at 8 PM

Doors 7:30 pm; $5 admission.

This program premiered at the new Boathouse Micro Cinema in the docklands of Portland Oregon spring 2017. It features three experimental animators Laura Heit (in attendance), Kurtis Hough and Ben Popp, who have been working on visual explorations of our co habitation with the natural world. In the shadow of Cassini’s demise these, short films continue to explore our innate curiosity about the universe. Using technically and stylistically diverse forms that range from 16mm hand processed film, to CGI, to object and hand-drawn animation, this body of work takes us from the molten core of volcanos, to the weepy glaciers, to the blustery Pacific Northwest coast, all the way out to the outer reaches to fly by mars and its probable inhabitants. Filmmaker Laura Heit in attendance!

This screening is supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

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