Thursday, May 31 at 8 PM

Doors 7:30 pm; $5 admission.

Pixie Cram lives and works in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. She creates fiction and stop-animation on themes of nature & technology, and war. She is co-founder of the Windows Collective, a group devoted to the creation and exhibition of experimental works using film. FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE!


Pragmatopia (2018, 30 minutes, 4K colour, Live action)

The story takes place several years after an atomic bomb has hit an unnamed city and a war has resulted. It follows two young women as they journey from the outskirts of the city to a radioactive area deep in the woods. Along the way they encounter a young drifter and he travels with them. When they arrive at their destination, they discover a community of survivors who are in hiding from the government and living off the contaminated land.

Emergency Broadcast (2017, 7 minutes, HD colour, Stop-motion animation)

Animation: Tina Le Moine + Pixie Cram

Sound Design + Foley: Kevin Komaranski

Cinematography + Editing: Pixie Cram

“Pixie Cram’s film stages a hypothetical nuclear fallout, eerily bringing antique military equipment, uniforms and other objects to life with stop-motion in a way that chillingly evokes the fragile state of current global politics.” — Christopher Rohde, Director, Mirror Mountain Film Festival


Joan (2014, 6.30 minutes, HD colour, Pixilation and stop-motion animation)

Soundtrack by Jeff Morton

Katrina Bray as Joan of Arc

A surreal and minimalist version of the story of Joan of Arc.



The Stone Dreams of the Cell (2018, 1.45 minutes, Black and white super-8)

Inspired by Alain Cavalier’s feature, La Rencontre (1996), this film explores objects and textures, both organic and inorganic. It is a poetic expression of the mundane; the beauty of ordinary objects, and the hidden stories and meaning that they hold.

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