Music Videos by LA Artists & Filmmakers

Thursday, November 14 at 8 PM 

Doors 7:30 pm; $5 admission

For the working filmmaker, music videos allow for creative exploration while continuing to develop their cinematic language and technique. Filmmakers conceptualize a world where the spirit of a song is transformed into a visual medium. Whether for a well-known artist or an indie band, filmmakers continue making music videos as an outlet for creative expression and risk-taking that other forms of film productions may not allow. Join us for an evening celebrating music videos directed by contemporary Los Angeles filmmakers.

The program includes:

Molly Burch’s Candy, directed by Noël Wells
Sávila’s Échale Sávila, directed by Caitlin Díaz
Tei Shi’s End of Tape + Tei Shi, directed by Dream Tiger (Jonatán López & Adrian Alejandro Arredondo)
Gun Outfit’s Teardrips (Classic Hell on Earth), directed by Mike Stoltz
Weezer’s Take on Me, directed by Carrick Moore Gererty
Cole King’s Let My Heart Break, directed by Matthew Charof
Julia Holter’s Whether, directed by Dicky Bahto
D.A. Stern’s Am I Ever On Your Mind?, directed by Josh Fu
Cuco’s Hydrocodone, directed by Jazmin Garcia
Chris Cohen’s Optimist High, directed by Kate Dollenmayer
Teagan & Sara’s I’ll be back someday, directed by Natalie Fält
Supernaive’s Opal Waltz, directed by Vincent Tsui
Yuji Kondo’s Faces Past, directed by Karissa Hahn
The Paranoyds’ Girlfriend Degree, directed by Ambar Navarro
Kelsey Lu’s I’m Not in Love, directed by Alima Jennings
Maral’s Lorestan Punk & Zikr Oi, directed by Maral Mahmoudi
HIME HIME’s Bad Dates, directed by Anissa Amelia

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