A Night of Films By Conor McNally

Tuesday, November 26 at 8 PM

Doors 7:30 pm; $5 admission.

Join us for a screening of two films by Canadian filmmaker Conor McNally. The first film, McDavid is a portrait of a sports fan’s twisted infatuation with a new “generational player.” Edmonton, Alberta serves as the backdrop of how urban identity and the genuine spirit of sports fandom is corrupted. The second film of the evening, draws on the tradition of oral storytelling. ôtênaw is a philosophical and creative treatment of land rights, territory, history and culture. Dr. Dwayne Donald leads a walking tour of amiskwaciwâskahikan (now the city of Edmonton), talking about the history of the land and the people who lived there, the layers of human habitation slowly reveal themselves. A powerful example of 4th Cinema, Conor McNally’s film incorporates archival photos, animation, and 16mm footage into a palimpsest of human existence, scored with language and memory. FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE!

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