Saturday, December 2 at 8 PM

Doors 7:30 PM; $5 admission.

An evening of rare and groundbreaking ethnographic and experimental films that showcase and explore the concept of trance- or semi-conscious states – and their use in religion, healing and artistic expression from the archives of Smokehouse Films.  Come out to the Echo Park Film Center and enter a strange and wondrous world of healing ceremonies, ritualized dances, and other trance states from around the world. Curator, John Cannizzaro, has chosen a wide and varied program of films which include; John Marshall’s “N/um Tchai – The Ceremonial Dance of the !Kung Bushmen” (1969), “Pomo Shaman” (1964) a Southwestern Pomo Indian doctor enters a trance and cures a patient with the aid of a spiritual instrument used to suck out the patient’s illness, “Magical Death” (1973)- a Yanomamo shaman enters a trance state to cure as well as to inflict death on enemies that are miles away, and curator John Cannizzaro’s “Trance” (2010) – The filming of an “energy transfer” ceremony and the trance-like state of one of its participants leads to the cine-trance of the filmmaker- captured in Death Valley, CA.   Curator and refreshments will be present.

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