Film Friends: Series Continues March 17 with Robert Schaller

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17 @ 10 AM Los Angeles, 11 AM Boulder


Film Friends is a monthly series that brings established and emerging filmmakers together online for informal discussions on everything analog cinema. Series 1 features eco image-makers from around the world! Zoom in on March 17 — 10 AM LA time, 11 AM Boulder time — as we continue the series in conversation with the Handmde Film Institute’s Robert Schaller. Free event! All welcome!

Robert Schaller has been part of the natural world and fascinated by image and rhythm since before he can remember.

He was profoundly moved by the revelation that image, rhythm, and nature — or to put it another way, the aesthetic, the physical, and the ethical — are interlinked in experimental analog cinema.  He deepened his understanding of film through studying with influential filmmakers Stan Brakhage and Phil Solomon.

For him, film continues to be an eloquent medium to explore the nuances of both the embodied and the ephemeral experience of living in this world. His works and teaching reflect a dynamic ecosystem of filmmaking techniques and practices, from creating tools for emulsion-making to the deployment of projection in diverse performative contexts, often involving live music.

He is particularly interested in exploring ways for the responsible and human-scale transposition of hand-made filmmaking into unconventional non-industrialized circumstances.

Welcome to the Handmade Film Institute!


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