Thursday, August 30 at 8 PM

Doors 7:30; FREE EVENT!

Join us for an evening of work by EPFC’s Summer Artist In Residence, Urizen Freaza originally from Tenerife, Canary Islands and now based in Berlin. Share the love! Refreshments provided!

Fictional Recall is a collaborative project to give a new life to forgotten memories. Working on found footage of home movies, the project also attempts to emulate how our memory works.

A home movie doesn’t belong anywhere other than in the family. That these movies got lost or thrown away is inherently a tragedy. In order to save them, these pieces were given to artists, that would create a fictional context for these memories with unknown origin or emotional history. A narrative in first person that would make these stories their own. So these orphan keepsakes could recover their lost value. Furthermore, the way our brains remember is not based on data but emotions. Every time we remember, our current emotions stain the remembered ones, changing the narrative of our memories that defines our selves. Memories are staged episodes, scattered and disconnected pieces of experience like these home movies. And our brain’s job is to make sense out of them, creating an identity fiction that allows us to carry on. FREE EVENT! FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE!

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