December 7 – 11: see below for more details.

Dear Friends, Neighbors, Filmmakers, Cinephiles and Loved Ones: Come celebrate 15 years of cinematic education, activism and wonder with your EPFC Family! Join us for five glorious days of events that illuminate the power of LOVE, COMMUNITY and CINEMA as we forge ahead with hope and optimism for the future. Thank you for believing in the dream of equal and affordable access to media empowerment and activism!

All events are FREE with donations in any amount most gratefully accepted.


  • Wednesday, December 7: EPFC Alumni Showcase, 7 PM

An evening of cinematic wonder and camaraderie featuring a presentation of past and present work by EPFC youth filmmaking program alumni. FILMMAKERS IN ATTENDANCE!


  • Thursday, December 8 – Open Screen/Vinegar Syndrome Double Date – 8 PM

Two of EPFC’s most popular events together for the first time! Open Screen invites YOU to share your short films (10 minutes or less) with the feisty EPFC audience. Vinegar Syndrome celebrates obscure 16mm gems from the EPFC archive. Come on down!


  • Friday, December 9 – Silents on Wheels – 7 PM Bike Ride/8 PM Movies

We love movies and we love bikes! Join us for a family-friendly bike ride with the EPFC Filmmobile around Echo Park Lake followed by silent films and hot chocolate under the stars at the corner of Park and Echo Park. Bike ride leaves Echo Park Film Center at 7 pm. Movies and snacks at 8 PM.


  • Saturday, December 10 – All Night Anniversary Salon – 7 PM Music/8 PM Films

EPFC’s legendary All Night Salon is a night of live music, spoken word, films, videos, prizes and surprises that runs into the wee hours of the morning.


  • Sunday, December 11 – LOS ANGELES 2019: EPFC Youth Screening at Echo Park Film Center – 4 PM

The opening title card of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner reads Los Angeles, November 2019. The film then proceeds to establish the dystopic, dark industrial sprawl of LA. This Fall, the Echo Park Film Center Youth Filmmaking Workshop worked with image and sound to explore the future. 

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These complicate the relationship between the performing subject and the subject performed, pushing and pulling both to stretch the possibilities of the personal and subjective as sources of intellectual knowing.

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Short films on hunger, work, exploitation, commodities, unemployment, consumer control, employment, production, theft, life, death, and love. Including the only film by Jean-Luc Godard that was banned by its patron, the electronics retail chain store Darty (the Circuit City or Best Buy of France), The Darty Report (1989).

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We return with a Volume II of Ambar Navarro's curated evening of "This Video Requires a Password" world of private videos not accessible to the online without a password. This screening features but is not limited to video links that require passwords, work in progress, home movies, tests, and things we feel may not belong to be publicly hosted online.

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