Desert Miracles: Films by Gossing and Sieckmann


Doors 7:30; $5 admission.

As a duo Miriam Gossing and Lina Sieckmann have made several experimental flms on 16-mm film, in which urban and private architecture, hyper-staged environment, and the notion of desire are examined – combining documentary imagery with fiction and found footage.  VISITING GERMAN FILMMAKERS IN ATTENDANCE!


Desert Miracles, Gossing/Sieckmann, Germany/USA 2015, 10 Min., 16mm to HD, Color, Stereo
Ocean Hill Drive, Gossing/Sieckmann, Germany/USA 2016, 21 Min., 16mm to HD, Color, Stereo
One Hour Real, Gossing/Sieckmann, Netherlands 2017, 12 Min., 16mm to HD, Color, Stereo

+ One Bonus Film and Q&A




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