EPFC | May 16th, 2016

EPFC is doing a series of screenings and workshops in Japan over the next three weeks including The Sound We See: A Tokyo City Symphony in conjunction with Blum and Poe Gallery. Want to join the fun? More info here!



EPFC | May 16th, 2016

EPFC Founder/Executive Director Paolo Davanzo’s new cinema work AVANTI POPOLO is up until July 3 at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery as part of the 2016 C.O.L.A. show for the next three months. Related events include an EPFC family fun film workshop on June 11 and Paolo’s artist talk on June 25. More info here!cola-for-e-dist-703x1024

Haile Gerima Master Class April 8 and 9!

EPFC | April 6th, 2016

A couple spots left for what is sure to be an amazing 2-day Master Class with renowned director Haile Gerima on The Art of Independent Cinema! HGerima_MasterClass(1)

EPFC Co-op Awarded with Mike Kelley Foundation’s Artist Project Grant!

EPFC | April 6th, 2016

We are delighted and honored that Echo Park Film Center is among the nine inaugural grantees of the Mike Kelley Foundation’s Artist Project Grants program! We’re looking forward to making these films!!!/grants/grants-awarded/echo-park-film-center/

A Day In The Sun with multiple artists

“In recognition of their countless hours as the Center’s educators, programmers, projectionists and facilitators, Echo Park Film Center Co-op members—Rick Bahto, Emett Casey, Brenda Contreras, Paolo Davanzo, Andrew Kim, Eve-Lauryn Little Shell LaFountain, Kate Lain, Lisa Marr, Shauna McGarry, Beaux Gest Mingus, Gina Napolitan, Will O’Loughlen, Ellie Parker, Miko Revereza, Chloe Reyes, Cosmo Segurson, Sharmaine Starks, Mike Stoltz, Ariel Teal, and Penelope Uribe-Abee—will be commissioned to make new experimental lens-based works exploring their relationships to Los Angeles. Coming from all walks of life, Co-op members include both experienced and self-taught filmmakers, queer identifying filmmakers, artists of color, art school graduates, and EPFC youth film program alumni. Their films, single and multichannel projections, site-specific installations, itinerant performances, and multimedia and expanded cinema experiments will be presented throughout 2017 at the Center, around the city via the EPFC Filmmobile and EPFC Filmcycle, and online.”


EPFC | March 7th, 2016

EPFC is building its own TV Station this weekend and we want you to be part of the fun!

Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13: 2 – 5 PM

Television is one of the most powerful tools for mass communication on the planet. Although the right to broadcast is normally limited to multimillion-dollar corporations, the FCC does allow individuals to broadcast within a range of 300 feet without restriction. During the EPFC-TV workshop, students will build a working analog television transmitter and broadcast their very own programming live from the Echo Park Film Center. Day one will begin with construction of the transmitter, followed by a crash course in DIY broadcasting from public access veteran Adam Papagan (The Del Talk Show, There’s a Place). On day two we go live with freeform programming created by the students. The airwaves belong to the people. Let’s use them! Class limited to 10 students.

Sign up here!