EPFC | June 26th, 2015

EPFC is in Rotterdam this week for a workshop and a screening in conjunction with our friends at Filmwerkplaats… On Saturday afternoon June 27, learn all about how to do your own “guerrilla” screenings and on Sunday June 28 celebrate city symphonies with a reunion of the The Sound We See: Rotterdam filmmakers and a screening of the newest films in the series too!



EPFC | June 22nd, 2015

For 12 consecutive weeks a group of students including myself were blessed with the opportunity to participate in the EPFC’s spring youth class: Lost and Found. Over the course of the twelve weeks a collective of students including myself learned about what found art was, the history, and how its plays a roll in our everyday lives. Majority of the classes involved doing things hands on which was great because thats the best way to really understand whatever it is you are learning. For example during one of the classes we went on a walk around our lovely community and collected a bunch of objects that would usually be seen as trash and gave them a whole new meaning by creating these sculptures then photographing them. Another day we made text art collages from penny saver ads, our text messages, and our old emails. Overall the coolest thing we had to have done was using old cassette tapes to make new audio recordings that sounded distorted, dreamy, and just down right creepy. Before the class I never really gave much thought to found art but being able to learn all about it and its history was truly fascinating and mind altering. Throughout the experimenting phase we were encouraged to really think and create ideas for what we wanted our final project to be. All the films, photographs, and artists we researched helped make the whole entire process easier. Since majority of us were new to this the teachers were very understanding and open to answering all our questions. In fact they all encouraged us to ask questions! The environment was so free flowing and homey it made for such an amazing class. I have lost count of how many classes I have taken here but what I am certain about is that each one only gets better and better. Thank you EPFC for continuing to bless me with the opportunity to participate in these super amazing classes and I look forward to what August has in store for the next youth class!


*Our next youth filmmaking class, PROCESS, CONTACT, MOVEMENT! A HANDS-ON 16MM FILM WORKSHOP is now open! Register here:

Big Family Day at the MOCA!

EPFC | June 3rd, 2015

Next Sunday, June 7th, the Echo Park Film Center is joining the Museum of Contemporary Art for Big Family Day! Come join us! Big Family Day is the Museum of Contemporary Art’s largest all-ages program of the year, a free party with studio projects on the plaza, conversations with student educators in the galleries, and kid-focused screenings in the auditorium.  Big Family Day is on Sunday, June 7, 2015, 1–4pm, at MOCA Grand Avenue, and admission is free. For information on museum admission and parking visit

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Hooray for Canada!

EPFC | May 28th, 2015

The Echo Park Film Center will feature visiting Canadian artists over three of the next four weekends, and all of them are visiting us for the very first time!

First, Montreal’s Laura Hyde Crapo will screen a dreamlike narrative feature on Saturday May 30th, and lead a free workshop on Sunday May 31st).

Second, Vancouver’s Lynn Dana Wilton brings Toronto-made animated shorts on Saturday, June 6th.

Third, Halifax’s Hillary Titley shares documentary shorts by herself and other Nova Scotian artists on Saturday, June 20th.

Please come out to welcome them to California, and enjoy their work!

The Sound We See: Berlin Premieres 5.29.15!

EPFC | May 28th, 2015

Dagie says: “The wonderful Berlin workshop has come to an end and we show the result: a 24 minutes long (Super 8 digitized) black & white film that miraculously captures THE Berlin feeling. 20 film makers filmed it! Live Music! Premiere!”

Friday, May 29, 8 pm at Ausland: Lychener Strasse 60, 10437 Berlin, Germany