Little Red Corvette

EPFC | July 9th, 2017

guest curator: Jennifer Sullivan

Hi everyone! My theme for July is Dancer in the Dark — a series of emotive dance sequences that have made an impact on me and my work. From the beginning of when I first began to find my voice as a video maker, I have naturally included some kind of dance sequence in almost all of my work. There is an emotional directness in dance that I find really moving. Kicking off the 4th of July holiday week, it seemed fitting to begin with Sandra Bernhard’s dance sequence from her 1990 film “Without You I’m Nothing”. In the final scene, she unfurls herself from a giant American flag cape, and dances to Prince’s Little Red Corvette in star-spangled thong and pasties.


SP (Saõ Paulo)

EPFC | June 26th, 2017

Marvelous Movie Mondays!!!
Guest Curator: Elena Pardo

Women Alchemists

Azucena Losana is an artist and filmmaker who works at Arcoiris film lab in Buenos Aires. She shares with us her thoughts about the dark room:

“I strongly believe that the film lab gives out superpowers. The sense of sight loses its supremacy and the body is commanded by smell, hearing and touch. The broth is ready, at the right temperature. I turn off the lights. My tools are handy. My pupils are dilated to the max and yet I see nothing. I am protecting those tiny impressions of light that are going to be fixed forever in small frames of film. I start counting out loud: 501, 502, 503, 504 … I feel the temperature of the liquid through the gloves during the agitation … 512, 513 … I hear the water running… 523, 524 … I see thoughts … 559, 560… It’s time to turn on the lights. There they are! Tiny sculptures made out of light, probably made by the little bird that worked inside the Flintstone’s instant camera sculpting the stone with its beak. It’s fixer time…501, 502…”

SP (Saõ Paulo)
Is a short film made in Sao Paulo, Brazil registering some long distance travels through the city on public transportation. The trip begins at the University of Sao Paulo and ends in the Santa Ines favela , where I had the fortune to collaborate with the collective “Mundo em Foco”, the only organization in Sao Paulo that works with super film 8.

Maca com Sabor a Gasolina

EPFC | June 12th, 2017

guest curator: Elena Pardo

Women Alchemists: in June we will share the work of women who collaborate with artist run labs and whose films explore the possibilities of lab techniques, film material and the machines used for its creation.

Maça com Sabor a Gasolina
directed by Cris Miranda
image by Igor Cabral
drawings on film by Cabelo
direct sound by Magrela /Pique /Raulzito
sound design by Felipe Tantemus
Río de Janeiro, 2012


Women Alchemists: Monica Baptista

EPFC | June 6th, 2017

guest curator: Elena Pardo

Women Alchemists

There are artists still working with film around the world.
People who insist in doing so, as myself, consider that film has qualities and specific characteristics that are suitable for the experimentation we seek in our work.

The film lab is where great part of the alchemy happens and it has become the place where filmmakers and lovers of the photochemical cinema come together to collaborate, exchange knowledge and generate solutions that allow to continue working with this material.

In this program we will share the work of women who are part of artist run labs and whose films explore the possibilities of lab techniques, film material and film machines.

Monica Baptista (Portugal)

2011, DOC·EXP, 35mm, Colour/B&W, 22’30”

This film was made with series of images, over 4000, all them integrate a photographic recording that I have been carrying out for the past three years. Without any initial purpose that would circumscribe all these images, this photo diary drifts and accompanies many different circumstances, trips, places and people.

The editing of the film shown here does not resort to any major tricks: no image cutting was carried out – the photos are all here, in chronological sequence – frame speed was manipulated in a 35mm editing table where the mechanic and physical gesture can create a suspension of frame in time, interspersed with other moments in which the progression of the film takes on a syncopate rhythm.
Director.Photography.Editing: Mónica Baptista
Sound: Bruno Moreira

Mónica Baptista coollaborates with Átomo 47 lab in Oporto

Marvelous Movie Mondays June Curator: Elena Pardo!

EPFC | June 6th, 2017

Welcome to June, cinefriends! We’re excited to announce the artist who will be taking the curatorial helm of MARVELOUS MOVIE MONDAYS for the month of June. Please join us in welcoming…


Elena lives between Oaxaca and Mexico City, where she has worked as a documentary, experimental cinema and animation filmmaker. Her short films have been selected at festivals and have been part of curatorial projects and experimental film compilations in Mexico, United States, Spain and France. She’s part of Trinchera Ensamble, an expanded cinema collective that recycles film equipment and footage for its performances. This interest in reusing materials resulted in her joining the community of filmmakers, programmers and scholars that carries out the Encuentro Internacional de Archivistas Audiovisuales (International Audiovisual Archive’s meeting) in Oaxaca every year since 2014. Since 2007, Elena has participated as a teacher of video production and animation with young people from diverse communities in Oaxaca. In 2013, she cofounded the Laboratorio Experimental de Cine (LEC), a non profit association dedicated to screening, producing and teaching about experimental cinema. An important part of this project is the preservation and dissemination of film-lab techniques and knowledge.

From Elena:
I grew up surrounded by film crews and equipment because my parents were involved in television commercial production. I found some of my favorite childhood toys on set or in the editing room. Some of these toys I still use. Later in life I had the chance to learn about experimental film and animation from Naomi Uman and Lourdes Villagómez. My work now is a continuous exploration on the possibilities of moving image, on the film material itself and on the communities that surround me. Together with other filmmakers we’re building the project called Laboratorio Experimental de Cine with the purpose to have a shared space to produce and screen films and to exchange knowledge with other colleagues.

And now, time to check out Elena’s film “Mi Barrio”: