This Week at EPFC North: Cinematic Summer Camp

EPFC | May 26th, 2020

We’re dreaming about the possibility of an EPFC North Social Distance Summer Camp at Moberly Fieldhouse for kids of all ages… If wishes come true, what kinds of activities are on YOUR wish list that we can offer?


This Week at EPFC North: Be-Leafing

EPFC | May 19th, 2020

This week, inspired by the wonderful VANCOUVER TREE BOOK by David Tracey, we’re thinking about LEAVES. It’s May, everything is green, and have you ever stopped to look at all the different leaf shapes, textures and shades the trees of our city are showing off right now? On our walks around Moberly Fieldhouse this week, we’ll be keeping an eye out for fallen leaves and collecting some for close up observation and future art projects like printmaking, cyanotypes, eco-processing, phytograms, animations and projections. What are some things you’re noticing about the leaves in your neighbourhood right now?

Vancouver Tree Book

This Week At EPFC North: ART CLUB

EPFC | May 12th, 2020

Join us TODAY MAY 12 for ART CLUB, EPFC North’s monthly “the only rule is make” collaboration with Art Club Frome (UK). Zoom in at 11 am for this month’s theme, check in again halfway through to check out everyone’s progress and then again around 12:45 to share the “finished” pieces with friends from around the world! More info here:



EPFC | May 4th, 2020

Moberly Moments: Channeling some inner peace this week with an image from last June’s Yoga In The Garden, facilitated by the wonderful Golpar Radafshar.

6.1.19_Yoga In The Garden 1

This Week at EPFC North

EPFC | April 30th, 2020

Screening: The Sound We See: Covid Quarantine
Friday, May 1 at the EPFC North Window Cine, Salsbury Drive between Grant and Graveley, Vancouver
8 pm – 10 pm (30 minute film will play 4 times over the 2-hour period)

Celebrate International Workers Day with us as we premiere the newest addition to The Sound We See project at the EPFC North Window Cine on Friday, May 1st at 8 pm. Filmed by Echo Park Film Center Co-op members past and present all over the world, this collaborative exquisite corpse film captures life in quarantine. The film will have a concurrent “live” premiere at 8 pm May 1 on Youtube for those of you who would prefer to tune in from home. Viewable from the street between 8 and 10 pm, the event is free and all-ages. Top window, Salsbury Drive between Grant Street and Graveley Street, Vancouver, BC. Free event! Everyone welcome!