Marvelous Movie Mondays: End Of The Existence Of Things

EPFC | August 20th, 2018

guest curator: Morris Manuel Trujillo

theme: Love / Heartbreak Program
From the personal to the political

End of the existence of things (Mexico, 2013) 05:40 min
Dir. Dalia Huerta Cano
Fiction Super 8, digital output Dur: 5 min. 39 sec

The point of view of a boy and how he faces the loss of a great love. A journey that transits his mind and his sadness, that will take him through the memories and things that were left of his intense relationship, towards a liberating destiny.

Festivals We Love: San Diego Underground Film Festival

EPFC | August 19th, 2018

The 2018 San Diego Underground Film Festival runs August 23 – 26 at the Tenth Avenue Arts Center in downtown San Diego, CA, and feature screenings and expanded cinema events by tons of fabulous filmmakers including EPFC La Famiglia faves Karissa Hahn, Charlotte Pryce, Beaux Mingus, Lily Noyes, Heather Trawick,, and Jael Jacobo & Ezequiel Guido… See ya there!

More from the SDUFF website:

“San Diego Underground Arts is an artist-run non-profit organization that offers San Diego a nurturing alternative to the mainstream media by promoting experimentation in video, film, and audio based mediums. Through the practice and knowledge of film and film making techniques, we strive to cultivate a supportive, inclusive, informed, and empowered community for the exhibition of innovative underground media and experimental art. 

SDUFF is entirely volunteer-run and is co-directed by Ryan Betschart and Rachel Nakawatase and includes members at large Ghazzy Afrasiab, Sterling Anno, Tyler Betschart, Sam Hinsvark, Christina Lim, Karl Miller, Lois Munos-Merka, Jason Nichols, Russell SheafferMeredith SwardMia Watkins, Melody YennPaolo Zuñiga.”



EPFC | August 16th, 2018

Join us for the second event of the 2018 Filmmobile Summer Screening Series: Amy Halpern’s FALLING LESSONS at SPARC (685 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291). 8 PM! FREE! Bingo! Refreshments! Everyone Welcome!

“Amy Halpern’s 64 minute Falling Lessons is a stunningly sensual, life-affirming experience from a major experimental film artist that is open to myriad meanings. The film is a rhythmic montage of almost 200 faces, human and animals, that Halpern pans vertically, creating a cascade of visages suggesting that while individuals express a range of emotions they remain ultimately enigmas. The glimpses of life going on around all these faces have an unsettling, even apocalyptic quality, and the film forces you to consider living beings and their value collectively rather than selectively. Halpern’s rich, inspired mix of sounds, words and music complements her images perfectly.” -Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

AMY HALPERN is a filmmaker who has been working with light, camera and movement for more than 40 years. Born and raised in New York City, Halpern studied and performed in modern dance with Lynda Gudde and Anna Sokolow, worked in the early 1970s in 3-D shadow-play with Ken & Flo Jacobs’ New York “Apparition Theatre” and in 1973 she was one of the founders of New York City’s “Collective For Living Cinema”. Halpern moved to Los Angeles in 1974, where she completed a graduate degree in film at UCLA. She has worked on many Hollywood and independent feature films as gaffer and/or cinematographer, including Charles Burnett’s My Brother’s Wedding, Pat O’Neill’s Decay of Fiction and David Lebrun’s Breaking the Maya Code. Halpern also appears in several of Chick Strand’s films, such as Soft Fiction, Krystalnacht, Cartoon Le Moose, and Fever Dream. In 1975 she was one of the founders of the Los Angeles Independent Film Oasis, devoted to the presentation of avant-garde film work, and she is currently member of the classic West Coast light show Single Wing Turquoise Bird, founded in LA in 1968. Amy Halpern lives and works in LA.



EPFC | August 16th, 2018


Dear Diary: What if women ruled the world?

We ask this question as a starting point to reexamine the history of non-fiction filmmaking. Using only works made by women-identified artists and filmmakers, we will focus on viewing and discussing works that emphasize personal lived experiences and perspectives as the source for art. We will watch works along the spectrum of non-fiction filmmaking, from experimental to diaristic, and from the observational to documentary. Students in the class will all produce their own non-fiction personal films, discovering how their own lives and experiences can be a powerful source for making art.

Instructors: Dicky Bahto and Penelope Uribe-Abee

This class is FREE to teens ages 12 – 19 with all instruction, materials and equipment provided at no cost by EPFC. Participants must be willing and able to attend ALL 10 SESSIONS!

A mandatory orientation session for all participating students and their parents/guardians will take place at EPFC at 10 am on Saturday, September 15.


Marvelous Movie Mondays August Curator: “Morris” Manuel Trujillo!

EPFC | August 16th, 2018

Welcome to August!! We’re excited to announce the name of the artist who will be guest curating MARVELOUS MOVIE MONDAYS this month. Please join us in welcoming…


Morris is a film programmer, visual artist, film performer, co-founder of the projects Trinchera Ensamble and Experimental Film Laboratory (LEC), both projects linked to cinema and other contemporary arts such as performance, installation, object art and conceptual art, among other. He currently directs the Faro Aragón project, a community space focused on audiovisual arts.

His work has been presented in festivals and museums in Europe and other countries, such as the FLEX festivals in Florida, Antimatter in Canada, Mexparismental and Cinema des Different in Paris, The Museum of Fine Arts of Santiago de Chile, L’Alternativa, in Barcelona; in addition to the Museums Quartier and the Samlumg Essel Museum in Vienna, Austria. He has also performed on tours around the world such as the Festival Signés de Nuit, where his work Sinfonía Insanía (Mexico) was presented at an international retrospective on Fine Arts in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2004; and at the Eksperimento Festival held in the Philippines. In Mexico, it has been presented in places such as the Alameda Art Laboratory, the City Museum, the Carrillo Gil Art Museum, the Tamayo Museum and the Aural Festival among others.

In 2010, Morris was coordinator of the Latin America tour that his project Trinchera Ensamble realized with the supported of institutions such as the BBVA Foundation – Bancomer, CONACULTA, Contemporary Art Foundation of Uruguay and the Cultural Center of Spain in Argentina.

He has been a collaborator of different independent film and image festivals, programming international cycles such as “Perimeter” at the Digital Culture Center, ANIMASIVO Festival, Loop Cinema at the Tamayo Museum, a retrospective of contemporary experimental cinema for the Video EX Festival of Zurich Switzerland, among others.

He has also taught Art and Film workshops at the UNAM-Artistic Linkage Unit (UVA), the Autonomous University of Mexico City (UACM), the Contemporary Art Foundation of Montevideo, Uruguay, the Student Foundation 47 and in community projects on visual culture in different cities.

And now, time to go check out Morris’s film Dreams: