Marvelous Movie Mondays August Curator: “Morris” Manuel Trujillo!

EPFC | August 16th, 2018

Welcome to August!! We’re excited to announce the name of the artist who will be guest curating MARVELOUS MOVIE MONDAYS this month. Please join us in welcoming…


Morris is a film programmer, visual artist, film performer, co-founder of the projects Trinchera Ensamble and Experimental Film Laboratory (LEC), both projects linked to cinema and other contemporary arts such as performance, installation, object art and conceptual art, among other. He currently directs the Faro Aragón project, a community space focused on audiovisual arts.

His work has been presented in festivals and museums in Europe and other countries, such as the FLEX festivals in Florida, Antimatter in Canada, Mexparismental and Cinema des Different in Paris, The Museum of Fine Arts of Santiago de Chile, L’Alternativa, in Barcelona; in addition to the Museums Quartier and the Samlumg Essel Museum in Vienna, Austria. He has also performed on tours around the world such as the Festival Signés de Nuit, where his work Sinfonía Insanía (Mexico) was presented at an international retrospective on Fine Arts in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2004; and at the Eksperimento Festival held in the Philippines. In Mexico, it has been presented in places such as the Alameda Art Laboratory, the City Museum, the Carrillo Gil Art Museum, the Tamayo Museum and the Aural Festival among others.

In 2010, Morris was coordinator of the Latin America tour that his project Trinchera Ensamble realized with the supported of institutions such as the BBVA Foundation – Bancomer, CONACULTA, Contemporary Art Foundation of Uruguay and the Cultural Center of Spain in Argentina.

He has been a collaborator of different independent film and image festivals, programming international cycles such as “Perimeter” at the Digital Culture Center, ANIMASIVO Festival, Loop Cinema at the Tamayo Museum, a retrospective of contemporary experimental cinema for the Video EX Festival of Zurich Switzerland, among others.

He has also taught Art and Film workshops at the UNAM-Artistic Linkage Unit (UVA), the Autonomous University of Mexico City (UACM), the Contemporary Art Foundation of Montevideo, Uruguay, the Student Foundation 47 and in community projects on visual culture in different cities.

And now, time to go check out Morris’s film Dreams:

Flashback Friday Flyer

EPFC | July 21st, 2018

This flyer not only is it a sweet reminder of the past work EPFC has done, but it also has been able to preserve a beautiful mural that is no longer here. I am not sure who the artist is* but wow what artwork! This mural depicts a mob of people, a mother with child and gun in hand, televisions depicting what looks like propaganda, and airplanes falling from the sky. On the right top corner, it says “Boycott Your Lifestyle”. This radical mural looks like it was inspired by Diego Rivera and the hardships of minorities. Who knows why this wall was painted over but at least there is proof of its existence. –Gemma Jimenez

*This piece was done by the fabulous Mear One… check out more here!


EPFC | July 7th, 2018

It is officially summer in California! The kids are out and about and the heat is real! Every summer the EPFC Filmmobile goes around LA and screens films for the public! Eight years ago you could catch some of my favorite films like Killer of Sheep or Mi Vida Loca. Can’t wait to see what this summer brings.

Filmmobile_Summer Screening 2010

Marvelous Movie Mondays: DAPS

EPFC | July 6th, 2018


Guest Curator: Adán De La Garza

Theme: Cultural Geography and Performance for video
The videos selected for this series focus on performances for video outside of the studio or gallery that highlight both the agenda of the artist and the how the location they move through can influence or dictate that performance. Simple in their execution the artists remain open to the influence of their surroundings, at time relinquishing control entirely, albeit temporarily. The videos participate in a slow revealing of context and experimentation that rely heavily on one another to expose a myriad of things from the unique sounds of the space, cultural climate, human interaction, or even the infinite potential of a space given vast imagination.


EPFC | June 29th, 2018

native youth flier (1) Here’s one from EPFC’s 2009 Youth Film Festival! An evening curated by EPFC’s own Eve LaFountain.

The 5th Annual EPFC Youth Film Festival kicks off with an inspiring and thought-provoking program of films made by Native American youth about their lives and communities. FREE!