EPFC North

Echo Park Film Centre North is now open at Moberly Fieldhouse, Vancouver, Canada!

Eco-friendly cinematic wonder. * Plant-based art and animation. * Community stories. * Collaborative creativity. * Films. * Food. * Fun. * Everyone welcome!

Through an ongoing series of free public workshops and screenings, neighbours and friends will use organic materials grown in the community garden and surrounding area as ingredients to create eco-friendly films that celebrate growing, community, and connection to the urban landscape.

This project is generously supported by the Vancouver Park Board’s Field House Activation Program which provides project space and access to parks to foster community-engaged activity that focuses: arts, culture, sport, environment, local food and social encounters.

To learn more about all the other Fieldhouse studio projects, go to City of Vancouver Field House Programs in Parks

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EPFC North Programming at Moberly Fieldhouse

February 2019

Workshop: Devices of Wonder
Saturday, February 2, 2019
12 – 3 pm
Come learn about the magic behind filmmaking with this hands-on workshop covering all things that contribute the motion to “Motion Picture Films.” The afternoon will include direct animation, flip books, zoetropes, Viewmasters and other Devices of Wonder. Free event! Everyone welcome.

Cinema Series: Let’s Get Growing
Sunday, February 4, 2019
4 – 6 pm
Join us for an evening of short films that celebrate art, community and the power of the human condition. This week’s screening highlights films from the ORIGINS youth cinema series exploring the culture and landscape of pre-contact Los Angeles. FREE DVD give-away for each attendee! Light refreshments served. Free event! Everyone welcome.

Workshop: Sounds Good
Saturday, February 9, 2019
10 am – 2 pm
Can you hear the plants growing? It is time to close your eyes and discover the world of sound all around you. This 4-hour workshop will explore recording sounds using devices at hand. Please bring a recording device (phone, digital recorder etc.) if you have one, otherwise equipment will be provided and shared. Free event! Everyone welcome.

Cinema Series: Let’s Get Growing
Sunday, February 10, 2019
7 – 9 pm
DINNER and a MOVIE. Please bring a potluck item to share at this Sunday Cinema Experience! We are excited to present three City Symphony films made as part of the EPFC SOUND WE SEE Series—Old Crow (Yukon), Hanoi (Vietnam) and Guwahati (India)–that all feature gardens, food and nature. Free event! Everyone welcome.

Workshop: Eureka! A Found Footage Workshop
Saturday, February 16, 2019
1 – 5 PM
Want to learn how to make a film without a camera! We will show you how! Join us for this afternoon workshop where you will learn how to cut, splice, edit and project your very own analog film from found Regular 8 and Super 8 film. Free event! Everyone welcome.

Cinema Series: Let’s Get Growing
Sunday, February 17, 2019
7 – 9 pm
Who loves the movies? Join us for a night of animated short films including The Garden, Roots, Garden Bandit and other hits from the EPFC CInema Series. Free event! Everyone welcome!
Workshop: Intro to Super 8
Saturday, February 23, 2019
12 – 5 pm
Learn to shoot and hand-process Super 8 film with friends during our Intro to Super 8 Filmmaking workshop. This class will cover camera mechanics, cinematography, hand-processing and editing. At the end of five hours, we’ll enjoy the world premiere of our collaborative experimental documentary film set right here at Moberly Park. Free event! Everyone welcome!

March 2_Gina Napolitan March 3_Sunset StoriesMarch 9_Spring Fling March 16_Ursula Brookbank March 23_Intro to Eco-ProcessingMarch 17_Phytograms

March 2019

Workshop: Flipping Out: A Flip Book Workshop
Saturday, March 2
1 – 4 pm
What is a “movie”? Nothing but a series of still images changing slightly over time to give the illusion of movement. Learn how to create a hand-drawn, paper-based, mini-movie of your own, aka a flip book!Free event! Everyone welcome!

Workshop: Sunset Stories
Sunday, March 3
1 – 4 pm
The first installment of what we hope will be a semi-regular community history program bringing together local lore and animation techniques to tell the tales of our neighborhood. This month we welcome freelance writer/historian Rob Howatson and filmmaker Gina Napolitan. Free event! Everyone welcome!

Cinema: Tiny Worlds: Films By Gina Napolitan
Sunday, March 3
4 – 7 pm
Join us for an evening of cinematic wonder with visiting Los Angeles-based filmmaker and animator Gina Napolitan. Potluck dinner; feel free to bring something tasty to share. Free event! Everyone welcome!

Event: Spring Fling with Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop
Saturday, March 9
6 – 9 pm
We’ll welcome the coming of spring with a Fieldhouse Friends Hootenany featuring our pals from MacLean Park, Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop and the Spoonkiites. Make and project your very own film loop! Try your hand at spoon carving! Dance to music made from wooden instruments! Potluck dinner… bring something tasty to share! Fun for the whole family…Free event! Everyone welcome!

Workshop: The Amazing Camera Obscura
Sunday, March 10
11 – 1 pm
Before there were cameras, there was the camera obscura. Learn how to build one of these magical ancient image-making machines out of recycled materials and stick around for Lori Snyder’s Garden Workshop!Free event! Everyone welcome!

Workshop: Mushrooms, Dreams and ‘Zines
Saturday, March 16
1 – 4 pm
An afternoon ‘zine workshop on the theme of mushrooms and dreams with the incomparable Valeria and Phaedra. What’s a ‘zine? It’s a small, personalized, handmade magazine and we’ll have everything on hand you need to make one. Free event! Everyone welcome!

Cinema: Jelly Jar Collapse
Saturday, March 16
8 – 10 pm
Past and recent work related to the notion of leaving or a presentation of various projections and recitations followed by cake. Program will include Home-Life, 16mm to digital, (still), 09:32 min, 2018-19, accompanied by an in person poetic reading by Ursula Brookbank and Diane Ward. Free event! Everyone welcome!

Workshop: Phun With Phytograms
Sunday, March 17
12 – 5 pm
Developed by filmmaker Karel Doing, the Phytogram Method is “a technique that uses the internal chemistry of plants for the creation of images on photographic emulsion.” Intrigued? Let the experiments begin… Free event! Everyone welcome!

Workshop: Intro to Eco-Processing
Sunday, March 23
12 – 5 pm
Learn how to develop your own black and white 16mm and Super 8 footage in buckets and Lomo tanks using eco-friendly ingredients such as coffee, fruit, flowers and more!