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EPFC Archive Deep Dive

This week on the Deep Dive we’re celebrating The Sound We See: A Los Angeles City Symphony created by the 37 participants of EPFC’s Fall 2010 Youth Filmmaking Class and the first in our international series of community-made analog films that celebrate the contemporary urban (and not-so urban!) environments. This amazing poster was created for the premiere by EPFC Co-op Member Cosmo Segurson, who was also one of the instructors and part of the amazing musical ensemble for the SWS: LA project. We’re streaming clips from the film all week on Instagram @EPFCfilmmobile. Enjoy!

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  • April 8th, 2020

Marvelous Movie Mondays: Blue Movie vs Liquidator

This month’s guest curator Kerry St. Laurent is looking at films that explore contrast in the several ways we can interpret the word “tone” – sound, color, and mood – both in each individual piece and how they contrast with each other.
Today’s first pairing is “Blue Movie” by Michael Morris (2016) – (attached) and “Liquidator” by Karel Doing (2010) – (link in the comments). Both manipulate archival footage and use monochromatic palettes, but the end results span from romantic to sinister, vibrant to desaturated, and rounded to sharp. See for yourself and tell us how you think these two films work (or don’t) together!

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This Week at EPFC North: Moberly Moments

This week we’re giving a shout out to Art Club Frome, the fabulous community art experience–started by the wondrous Sue Palmer!–where the only rule is MAKE! EPFC North has been collaborating with Art Club Frome for the past year and we hope you’ll join us for a vey special edition entitled ART CLUB AT HOME on TUESDAY, APRIL 14.
Join the Zoom Meeting for the Art Club April 14 edition: 11 am – 1 pm Pacific Daylight Time; 7 pm – 9 pm UK time

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  • The Sound We See: A Los Angeles City Symphony

    Shot on Super 8 black-and-white film, this is a cinematic exploration of Los Angeles’s many environments and landscapes. A collaboration between the Los Angeles City Symphony and the Echo Park Film Center

  • I Started Off Holding The Camera and Then I Passed It On

    An EPFC Filmmobile community video project facilitated by visiting British filmmaker, artist and educator Ed Webb Ingall.

  • Free Time and Sunshine: Home Movies In Southern California

    A documentary exploring and celebrating the home movie in Southern California created by the Echo Park Film Center Fall 2013 Youth Class.

  • Chinatown Takeout

    An film noir homage exploring issues of gentrification and displacement in LA's Chinatown created by the Echo Park Film Center Spring 2017 Youth Class.

  • The Spice of Life: Eco-Friendly Films from Community Gardens in Los Angeles

    Starring (in order of appearance):
    Willowbrook Community Garden
    Academia Semillas Garden
    El Sereno Community Garden
    Fountain Community Garden
    Solano Canyon Community Garden
    La Tierra de la Culebra
    Mott Street Urban Farm
    Grand Arts High School Garden
    Odyssey Orchard
    Cottonwood Urban Farm

    Super 8 footage shot and processed by participants on site using natural developers made from fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers from the garden.

    These free community filmmaking workshops were made possible with support from:
    Adamma Foundation, Eastside Arts Initiative, Department of Cultural Affairs Los Angeles, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Los Angeles Community Garden Council, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, Metabolic Studio and Puffin Foundation.